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I'm Free

Music and Lyrics by Allen Ling
Translation in Mandarin by Tony Ling
Arranged by Melissa Reese and Brain Mantia

Gentle Breeze beside me flowing
Throughout the years
And the leaves around me falling
Just like the tears
When I look in the mirror
To see myself
My eyes reflect the image
Of someone else
I'm Free
I'm Free
Somehow I see the shadow
of Yesterday
Sometimes I breath the flower
Of love that stays
Sometimes I hear the echoes
an endless chain
And although my heart is broken
I'll be okay
I'm Free
I'm Free
The sun outside my window
It warms my eyes
I can see you through the daylight
And through the lies
I’m Free
I’m free
Oh can there be a second chance
Or are we through
No this is the final dance
For me, for you

My second heartbreak but it was absolutely horrible at age 19. This song was the outcome of this event, and it started out as a very slow, jazzy, melancholic ballad, very dream-like, but Brain and Melissa turned it into an electronic upbeat liberation love anthem.  It works well in my opinion, and can also be the jingle for a tampon commercial as well.