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In My World

Lyrics and Music by Allen Ling, John Polese
Arranged by Brain Mantia, Melissa Reese, Carl Restivo

There's a part of my life
That amplifies you
(Don't say I'm dreaming)
There's a place in my room
That's waiting for you
(That's where my heart is)

Losing time
You're not mine
Though I'm home
I'm alone
Now I find
Peace of mind
In my world
You're my girl

If I seem out of place
I'm looking for you
(Don't say I'm drifting)
When I dial your name
I get your voicemail
(yet no one answers)

No more time
Still not mine
Though you're home
I'm alone

I will find
Peace of my mind
So in my world
You're my girl

John Polese who is a great musician and composer and a friend since high school. We were mucking around back with song ideas in the mid 80’s and he came up with a  great 8 measure riff and chord progression, and I added partial lyrics and melody for a chorus, and then never finished the song (composer cramp).

So, I finished it almost 30 years later.  I finished the verses and lyrics in about 1 hour, using the same heartbreak lonely guy theme that I felt when I first wrote the chorus.