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Our Love Is Like Rain

Music and Lyrics by Allen Ling
Arrangements by Melissa Reese, Brain Mantia and Carl Restivo

You drove away in the rain         
Reliving each mistake I made     
I couldn’t ask you to stay          
Or tell you "forgive me."             

I want you with me at night
Some days I want you all the time
But storms remind you and I
To stop believing

Our love is like rain
And it's drowning all our dreams again
Our skies are dark and so grey
And yet we try to be happy

Sometimes I'm watching you fight
Same emotions that you make me hide
You try to keep them inside
Afraid they will hurt me

They will pour
when they show
And the rain outside will let us know
How we needed our love
And now
You're running away, away



I wrote this song  when my girlfriend at the time drove away after an argument. I wrote and recorded it in 1 hour.  Pure emotion, pure inspiration.