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Music and Lyrics by Allen Ling and Melissa Reese
Arrangements by Melissa Reese, Carl Restivo and Brain Mantia

No one knows how much you mean to me
Not my friends and not my family  
They will never understand.
You make feel like a man.
Like a hero in a movie   

And when the time comes and I have to go
I won't be afraid to let you know
I hope you understand
That I'll stand up like a man
And be brave because you moved me

If I should die.
I will spend today with you  
And relive my whole life through

Now I told you how I really feel
That moment comes and  goes but now it's for real
And now I hope understand
That I spoke up like a man
And that you really moved me

If the last thing is to see your face
Your sweet smile and your tears to taste
You can never comprehend
I can be enlightened then
And now  I know you love me

The way things ebb and flow
I just gotta to let you know
I won't ever forget the way you believed in me
To be everything you need



In 2005, I was told I had cancer after an emergency surgery. My now wife Lola was with me when the surgeon (who actually saved my life) told me I had cancer and although he was sure I would live, he was himself devastated that the prognosis was pretty grim (I had a 10% survival rate for the first year post surgery).

I was lying in my hospital bed recovering when I got the news. I looked up at Lola and  saw her shudder; she had tried so hard to be brave when she heard the news with me.  I never saw anything so beautiful as her face as she looked down on me, even in her shock and grief. 

I told her (and the doctor) “ I will be okay.”

And miraculously, years later, I am.